What is Methylation?


Methylation, also known as One Carbon Metabolism, is occurring 24 hours a day in every cell in the body. Of particular importance is this cycle’s activity in brain cells, because even though the brain is only 2% of the body’s weight, it occupies 20% of the metabolic activity. Intertwined in Methylation are the Folate, Methionine Synthesis, and Transsulfuration cycles.

Why is This a Critical Process?

Food materials and minerals have to be broken down to their final metabolite, brain-ready cofactors to fuel Methylation. Due to faulty enzyme systems (MTHFR Polymorphism), age, alcohol, smoking, folate depleting drugs, diabetes, malabsorption syndromes, poor diet, and stress about 80% of people in the US is at risk of not being able to supply these critical cofactor metabolites necessary to properly operate the chemical factory that is Methylation.

What Are the Consequences of Poor Methylation?

Low neurotransmitter production and their resulting consequences: neurological disorders, cardiovascular inflammation, and many other diseases.

How Does EnLyte Address Methylation?

Through extremely highly refined, pre-metabolized, brain-ready cofactors to supply 100% of the materials needed to allow the body to properly operate the chemical process that is Methylation.

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