The British Medical Journal reports: Does antidepressant use in youth increase risk of suicide?

This week, The British Medical Journal reported on a review of over 18,000 subjects on SSRI therapy: “In the randomised trials children say that they don’t work for them, but they increase their risk of suicide.”

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L-methylfolate Magnesium and L-methylfolate Calcium: What’s the Difference?

With so many forms of L-methylfolate available, we often get asked why the form in Enlyte is any different and how 7 mgs can be effective. Enlyte contains L-methylfolate magnesium, a form twice as soluble as the calcium form found in other folate preparations. The theme across all the ingredients in EnLyte is that less can be more. Click here to view solubility testing data. 

EnLyte to Be Presented at the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs Conference in Orlando, September 11-13

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) September 11, 2014

JayMac Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Makers of EnLyte with Delta Folate, are participating in the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS) conference set to take place in Orlando September 11-13. MAPS brings together medical providers from around the nation for an in-depth curriculum aimed at educating on the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder and other special needs conditions.

Families of children with these needs are increasingly seeking alternative treatment options. In fact, in a new study published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, 40% of families with children who have autism or other developmental disorders said they use alternative medicine to treat their children, along with conventional therapies.

EnLyte with Delta Folate is an advanced generation prescription folate therapy designed to address common genetic polymorphisms such as the MTHFR defect, and to lower elevated homocysteine-two factors common in ASD. According to Dr. Lawrence Ginsberg, MD, of Red Oak Psychiatry, the implications of high homocysteine in ASD are decreased neurological functioning and neural degeneration during fetal development.

Factors like diet restrictions, absorption issues, and genetic factors-most notably the MTHFR defect-are unique and significant to Autism, being major players in decreasing the body’s ability to absorb B vitamins. Dr. Ginsberg has found an incidence of about 90% of the MTHFR defect in his practice in patients with autism spectrum disorders-meaning as much as a 70% reduction in their ability to use certain B vitamins.

The Autism Society has been in favor of supplements for years, Dr. Ginsberg states, and he finds many parents welcome an alternative to antipsychotics. Shelley Hendrix, parent of an 18 year old Autistic son: “It’s been my experience over the last 16 years that I’ve been in the Autism community that parents are experimenting with alternative treatments for their children. It’s nice to finally find a nutritional supplement regulated by the FDA that provides a uniform dose that avoids the common allergens such as gluten and dairy. It is also great to have a product like this that is prescribed by a physician and covered under most insurance and Medicaid. For families of children with autism who have been paying thousands of dollars out of pocket to provide nutritional supplements for their kids, this is very welcome news.”

About EnLyte
EnLyte Is the first and only prescription folate therapy containing L-Methylfolate Magnesium, Folinic Acid, and Folic Acid, and all the necessary B-vitamin metabolites, in optimal doses, to completely address the remethylation and transsulfuration cycles, address genetic polymorphisms, and reduce high homocysteine. It is gluten free, casein free, dye free, and preservative free.

About JayMac
JayMac Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a Sunset, Louisiana-based pharmaceutical company gaining interest with the introduction of EnLyte into the psychotropic and psychiatric market.

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