L-methylfolate Magnesium and L-methylfolate Calcium: What’s the Difference?

With so many forms of L-methylfolate available, we often get asked why the form in Enlyte is any different and how 7 mgs can be effective. Enlyte contains L-methylfolate magnesium, a form twice as soluble as the calcium form found in other folate preparations. The theme across all the ingredients in EnLyte is that less can be more. Click here to view solubility testing data. 

JayMac Pharmaceuticals Is Proud To Support The APA Annual Meeting in NYC-Booth #1726

Sunset, LA (PRWEB) April 26, 2014

The makers of EnLyte, advanced generation folate therapy, will be exhibiting at the upcoming 167th annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in NYC, May 3-7. This is the world’s largest psychiatric meeting, bringing together over 36,000 practitioners from around the globe.

The focus of this year’s meeting is “Changing the Focus and Perception of Psychiatry,” with many sessions educating on how to integrate primary care with mental health. Both the most recent APA Guidelines and the STAR*D Study call for safer alternatives in treating depression: “Folate is a low-risk intervention with general health benefits,” (APA Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder, 3rd edition); because of this, EnLyte is gaining international attention. Side effects and drug interactions are minimal, and it is a natural first choice in both the primary care and psychiatry settings-a perfect fit for the focus of this meeting.

The JayMac Pharmaceuticals Enlyte team will be at booth #1726, and will include noted psychiatrist, Lawrence Ginsberg, MD, who will discuss clinical results with EnLyte in large numbers of patients. The co-inventor of EnLyte, Towny Robinson, will also be there. Autographed copies of Dr. Stephen Stahl’s latest book will be raffled as well. “We’ve assembled a strong team to provide education and stimulating discussion about the clinical use of EnLyte in depression,” Angela Hall, JayMac Pharmaceuticals, states.

EnLyte is a natural, rx. nutraceutical for the treatment of folate deficiency. It contains L-Methylfolate magnesium, folinic acid, and folic acid, all in therapeutic amounts, in addition to all of the B-vitamin cofactors needed to completely address the remethylation and transsulfuration cycles in depression. For more information, contact EnLyte Customer Support, 985.788.7755.

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