Wave of the Future

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.06.59 AMFolate therapy (EnLyte) is finally catching up to major scientific  discovery in the cause of faulty methylation that is contributing to psychiatric disorders. It is now known that enzyme systems that metabolize folates to their useful forms to operate methylation, produce neurotransmitters, reduce homocysteine, and methylate DNA are faulty due to genetic disorders in a large percentage of the population. Epigenetics and neural plasticity   issues are being described and it is understood that these issues can be positively affected by supplying all the metabolized ingredients that operate methylation.

We are proud and excited to address this science with EnLyte, an RX product with an NDC and USP, that contains the pre- metabolized, brain-ready ingredients to bypass inborn and environmental confounders of folate deficiency.

Combining EnLyte with traditional psychiatric medications addresses the very real and proven issues of folate deficiency. Education and the proper use of an advanced generation complete folate therapy is our goal as we catch the wave of the future in folate deficiency therapy.

As the CEO of JayMac and co-inventor of EnLyte, I invite you to learn more about this innovative product to help improve outcomes of patients safely.

– Towny Robinson,
Co-inventor, EnLyte, JayMac Pharmaceuticals CEO

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