About EnLyte

About EnLyte

EnLyte is intended to address the increased need for metabolically-active form of folate in the cerebrospinal fluid, plasma, and/or red blood cells in patients with MTHFR (all alleles C677T, A1298C and/or G1793A) and/or macrocytic anemia.  EnLyte may be useful in patients at risk of depression due to a deficiency of folate and/or cobalamin.  EnLyte may be taken by patients - ages 12 and up, women of childbearing age, and by geriatric patients where compliance is an issue.

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How does EnLyte compare to single entity L-methylfolate products?

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EnLyte contains Safe, All-Natural, Brain-Ready ingredients! 

Clinical Study

EnLyte showed effectiveness in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study

Methylation Chart

EnLyte combines all of the coenzymes, cofactors and omegas needed within the Methylation Cycles to treat the biochemical root cause of depression

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