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Insurance Process

EnLyte Is Covered On National Insurance Plans, with Copays As Low As $0!

We will Help Your Patient Find The Most Affordable Option for EnLyte


Step 1

Follow the link below (bookmark in your favorite web browser), Fill out the patient and provider information and click "submit"





Fax us a patient fax form (Download It Here)


Step 2

A reimbursement specialist will contact your patient to help assist in finding the most cost-effective option to obtain EnLyte - whether through Insurance or our Discounted Cash Pay Program.


Step 3

If the product is covered by the patient's insurance, we will contact your office with prescribing details.  If the product is not covered by the patient's insurance, nothing else is needed from your office. Your patient will have access to the Manufacturer's Discounted Cash Pay Program and will pay no more than $52 for their EnLyte.

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